Credit Card Policy

NOTICE: Credit card fraud WILL NOT be tolerated by FOREVER JASMINE LLC. It results in lost revenue for us. We will not tolerate false charge backs. We will litigate in a civil court of law for an item that has been received by the buyer and promptly charged back to their credit card.This is FRAUD and we will seek litigation aggressively. As you are entering into unilateral contract and by purchasing, you agree to purchase in good faith by the terms of the agreement. Charge backs and errors on the part of the buyer are considered a personal attack and therefore we will litigate for time lost, personnel overtime, full unit price, legal fees, research fees, and revenues lost due to down time. Communication is the key to a happy outcome, but if a charge back is completed without consideration, it is harmful to both parties involved. FOREVER JASMINE LLC wants to make your purchase a great experience, not a legal battle.If a legal issue is pursued, buyer agrees that it will take place in our state of TEXAS and governed by TEXAS laws. You agree to reimburse FOREVER JASMINE LLC for any fees associated therein plus any legal costs.

This statement has been put in place due to the increased issues of fraud taking place throughout the internet and by some buyers. We ask for communication to avoid any legal remedy that will be sought.